Professional recording studio in downtown Des Moines Iowa – construction now in progress!



Waveform Music expands central Iowa’s music scene with a recording studio large enough for big bands and choirs! Our growing production team also handles commercial voice-overs, podcasts and pro audio classes. Bob Fitch began harmonizing early, growing up trying to sing all the parts in the hymnal! He studied voice with Dr. Jeffrey Prater at Iowa State, and has performed many styles around the Midwest and Central Europe including jazz, gospel, barbershop and baroque. He also plays trombone and joins local bands on occasion. Bob loves helping groups sound their very best, and has logged hundreds of hours at the mixing console over the past 20+ years. He applied much of his engineering background designing 1300 square feet of flexible recording space with a mastering-quality control room. Musicians can spread out and focus on their craft, while we tailor the gear and provide the polish!  Follow our Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter to track our build-out progress!


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